King’s Support Ingame Inbox


A big part of Player Support agents at King is to follow up on the help they’ve given to players.
This allows them to keep providing help if needed or closing dead-end tickets, which is one of the key metrics to measure the department’s and agents success.

The problem

However, an apparently simple task can get complicated by many factors:

  • Many players do not check their emails to follow up, either because they don’t expect it or because they simply don’t even see the agent’s answer
  • The email from the player account is outdated
  • Players might have lost access to that account


Notifying players without leaving the game when they’ve gotten an answer from agents would have a big impact on follow-ups and closing tickets earlier.

Proposal details

This solution was planned in 2 iterations, the last one not being developed.

Iteration 1

  • Simply notify the player through a push message that leads to the message.
  • The player cannot answer.
  • We display the email where she can follow the message thread and answer from.
Simple design for Iteration 1

Iteration 2

  • The player can answer to the message without leaving the game
  • To reduce friction from the game look and feel and the ‘standard’ look of the Help Center we propose a game branded inbox, proven to have more engagement from players in previews actions.


This is the flow of the interactions needed for this last iteration.