A phone seen from the top held by 2 hands horizontally with a game open
A mobile game shop design
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A mobile game shop design Have you ever looked into how many different ways to present a shop there are on a mobile game? I did! I wanted to run an analysis and come with learnings onto what I would … Read More

wireframe of a loading screen proposal with a loading bar in the middle
Jedi mindtricks for a ‘faster download’
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Jedi mindtricks for a ‘faster download’ “I would probably close the app and open it again” This is what a player told us while testing the first build we were about to put on the stores for our brand new … Read More

Thumbnail for King lost purchase design representing a flow of screens
King’s Failed Purchase Selector
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King’s Failed Purchase Selector Purchase failure is the third most common reason for a player to contact Player Support, meaning they either couldn’t fulfil a purchase or didn’t receive some or all the items. Since it was the one most … Read More

iphone mockup of King help center inbox with Candy Crush Jelly flavour
King’s support ingame inbox
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King’s Support Ingame Inbox Demo A big part of Player Support agents at King is to follow up on the help they’ve given to players.This allows them to keep providing help if needed or closing dead-end tickets, which is one … Read More

Samsung phone displaying screen of King Help Centre design
King’s Help Center Guided Help Experiment
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King’s Help Center Guided Help Experiment Context Part of the perks of working at King is the freedom to experiment and innovate. As part of the Player Support Tech team one of our products was the Help Centre inside every … Read More

2 iphones showing the designs for Candy Crush Friends forum
King Community redesign
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King Community redesign The old King Forums – a.k.a. King Care – were in need for a new design in terms of form and function. Although it wasn’t so long ago since it was rebuilt by an external company, the … Read More

About me

I’m Lidia! UX designer based in Barcelona.Focused on video games. Games and technology have always been a big part of my life in one way or another. I come from a very techie family and that granted me the privilege … Read More

Screens showing different variations of the HP campaign for Black friday
HP Store Black Friday campaign
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HP Black Friday campaign Black Friday is the biggest campaign of the year for many brands and HP is not an exception. My Role The same month I joined HP Store I was asked to do some proposals for the … Read More