Hi! I’m Lidia

UX designer based in Barcelona

Games and technology have always been a big part of my life in one way or another.

I come from a very techie family and that granted me access to a computer from a very early age. Some of my first memories relate to sitting on my brother’s lap watching him play until I could run games myself on the MS-DOS console.

Growing up I developed a natural attraction to behavioral psychology and how different combinations of graphic elements can affect our perception and actions. That interest led me to Advertising and Creative Media, which gradually introduced me to UX – a discipline that I’m in love with.

I’m a person true to my values, and a big one is being of service. Working as a UX designer allows me to make technology more human, connecting people with products through pleasant visual interfaces.

Currently working for King (developer of Candy Crush). I have improved the Player Support experience reaching +300M players, improved the operational tools for Marketing teams internally before joining the game studio crafting our next big hit.

Personal growth and human connection are my life focus.
If you think we can build something together, why not dropping me a line or two about it?