I’m Lidia Chía,
Web and UX designer
based in Barcelona.


My Story
While studying Advertising and Creativity I always worked with organizations focused on helping people in vulnerable situations. I also became a rollerblading teacher for 5 years and discovered the beauty of teaching.
The thing I loved the most about Advertising was how much I learnt about campaigning research, from historical context to interviewing potential customers based on predefined hypothesis. I’ve always been very creative so graphic design felt the way to go.
It wasn’t easy but I found a position in Luxembourg for a year, then improved my English in California and came back to Madrid. After some time working as a designer I realized I was missing a very important focus point for me: people.


When I discovered UX I felt in love with it. I finally found a clear way of putting together 2 of my passions: design thinking and helping people.


On my path to have a more complete profile for the digital world I enrolled a front-end development bootcamp at Ironhack for 6 months while studying UX remotely at San Diego University and many other online courses.
Before ending my bootcamp I was recruited by HP.
Once done I moved to Barcelona where I now live very happy with my family.

I am now working for King, famous for being Candy Crush creatorsI am part of Player Support where I improve tools for helping our +300M players.

Personal growth and human connection are my life focus.
If you think we can build something together, why not dropping me a line or two about it? 🙂

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